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Frequently Asked Questions

FadhaAltfal is designed as intuitively as possible for young children. If you have any questions, please go through these Frequently Asked Questions. Can’t find the answer? Our support team is here to help you via info@kidsspace.me

1Do you offer packages for schools?

Yes, Our Interactive solutions available on various platforms (Laptops - Tablets - Mobiles - SmartBoards). You can choose to purchase between different student packages. For more information contact us via info@lkidsspace.me

2For what grades is FadaAlatfal Suitable?

FadaAlatfal is designed to support multiple grades; from pre-K, kindergarten, and through grade 1.

3How much does it cost per student?

School Licenses are according to the plan they want to purchase so Schools can choose from the following: School packages: 1-15, 1- 30, 1- 45, 50-100 students. The package comes with School dashboard that:  Save efforts and time looking for resources and educational material when you access FadaAlatfal library of Arabic learning activities covering the KG literacy and numeracy curriculum. Encourage student-led learning: Motivate students to learn outside the classroom in-line with your curriculum via FadaAlatfal. Deliver personalized student learning: Monitor each student’s progress and assign learning activities individually to help continuous improvement. For any student packages above 100 students please contact FadaAlatfal support.

4How can I add students to my school account?

At your school dashboard, you can add Student according to your chosen plan. If you want to add more students than your plan please contact FadaAlatfal support.

5How can I remove students from school dashboard?

At your school dashboard, you can Delete any Student you want. By Deleting “Student” the device will be removed from your student list. You can always add this device back to the student list after removing it.

6The letters aren’t written between lines. Did you forget them?

No, we left them out intentionally. First and foremost, a young child needs to learn correct letter shapes before having to worry about fitting them between lines.

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